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Need a guide book for Zadar? You have it all and beyond all in our blogs. Let us guide you through Zadar and its vicinity, its famous attractions and hidden gems, customs of its people, continually updated what-to-do’s and more. Become an expert on Zadar even before you come and enjoy it so much more once you arrive here.

12 Months of Zadar Region


Your love for Zadar (region) doesn’t have to be just a summer fling! Don’t be shy beginning of the year, show that you care. Let it flourish with the spring flowers and then shout it out in the summer, only to move to the next relationship phase in autumn. Let it mature like an old wine, and get even better with every passing month.



Knock, knock! Who’s there? Dull January. Or is it? The weather might be good or bad, it won’t be hot and bora wind might smack you in the head. Still, it’s a great moment to take the time to explore Zadar’s museums, particularly during the Night of the Museum when the whole city livens.





Tu-tum, tu-tum, tu-tum. Don’t ignore your beating heart. Wish for love with Zadar on Valentine’s day. Or choose to have a romantic February. Because at that point you’ve had enough of winter gloom.



It’s time to hop and run, up and down. Rise up to the challenge and actively explore the region. Run in a rocky škraping race on Pašman island. Hop to Ugljan, hike on Dugi Otok, cycle the hinterland.



Spring to Zadar region to have that coffee on an outdoor terrace taking in the sunrays. Witness awakening of nature around Zrmanja river and go on a rafting adventure! Or be a part of Zadar by night, either by running in the race or bar hopping.





Spread your wings and run for those who can’t, run with the world. Not to mention the fact that the Wings for Life race is a fantastic moment to be in Zadar. And the region as well - simply because it’s great being Outdoor (Festival).



Raise a toast to summer start! Head south to the coast, because at this point you need a break. So, run wild in Zadar vicinity, eat and drink well in Biograd na Moru with the festival of traditional food and drinks, or just stay in the city and become a part of the buzz.





Jump with joy, because it’s summer, because you’re in Zadar, because thousands do it as well from Zadar seafront for Millennium Jump. Once you get dried up, hit the streets, particularly Kalelarga(rt).



Time to be all over the place! There’s hardly a day when something doesn’t happen in the region. So, mingle with the locals during the Night of the Full Moon with traditional food and music in Zadar, hop to Dugi Otok for Saljske uzance for typical Dalmatian summer nights ending with a donkey race, go back in time with a medieval knights tournament in Vrana.



You don’t give a fig summer is about to end? So, come to the Fig Festival in Zadar and enjoy great weather, less crowds and the city’s summer closing parties with final Friday feštice (‘parties’).



Say K, say R, say K and A. And then Krka! (river and waterfalls) - it may be difficult to say, but fabulous to see. All ye hikers and climbers might also love the autumn colours in Paklenica National Park.





Treat yourself to a city break in Zadar, when the city celebrates its day(s). Because Zadar truly is the perfect gift. (Za-dar = ‘for a present’).



Jingling all the way, all December long. Who cares it’s not as hot as in the summer? It’s Christmas time and New Year’s - can there really be a better way to spend the final days of a year, or a greater start of a new year? Simply having a wonderful Zadar time!


A dozen ways to love (Zadar)

Fall for it cold, let it warm your heart in spring, make you fall madly in love in summer and then cherish the love through autumn. Really, it is exceptionally easy to fall in love with Zadar (region), but it’s not just a summer fling. It charms you all year round.



A is for adventure, F is for fun and O is for (Zadar) Outdoor Festival. Feel the thrill! Or just take it easy, like Dalmatians do.