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Friday Parties in Zadar

Night out in the city of Zadar | author: Stipe Surać


Get ready for a (Friday) night out in the city of Zadar! And do it just like the locals do. So, join in the merry times in the narrow cobbled streets, restaurants and bars in the old neightbourhoods of the historical peninsula. So, check out what Friday parties entail in Zadar:


Friday - fun day

Summer days are long, a lot is going on in the city and there’s a promise of good times in the evening. Every single day in Zadar. So what’s so special about the fifth day of the week? Well, the translation ‘Parties on Fridays’ does not really do justice to the actual expression feštice petkom. The original phrase implies an intimate experience of a local lifestyle feature. It refers to loosening up at the end of the working week, and starting out on the weekend the best way possible - in great company, with good music and even better vibes. And it happens to take place every Friday all summer long. So, hit the town with your friends and fellow travelers and let the good times roll!


Where to?

Need a pointer to the direction of the Friday party? Just head to the heart of Zadar’s historical peninsula! Starting from ancient squares such as Narodni trg (Cro. People’s Square) to old neighborhoods such as Varoš, you get to experience great ambiance. So, simply join in the merrymaking happening from 20:30 pm till 2:00 am. Namely, the restaurants and bars in the historical streets and squares take part in the Friday ‘parties’, giving you an opportunity for an authentic experience out on the town. With the locals, and just like they do.


Zadar - local lifestyle

Zadar - local lifestyle | author: Stipe Surać

Singing the heart out

Simply follow the music, as it is the best giveaway for feštice petkom. And don’t expect a stage, elaborate musical equipment, a venue in a traditional sense of the word. Instead, look for a group of people pouring their hearts and souls into the music they create. You won’t have to understand the actual lyrics, but you will simply feel the depth of the meaning. The songs are bound to be about love, sea, feeling of home and life hardships, and they are performed by traditional klapa groups. And heartily joined in by the audience as well.


Klapa multipart singing, namely, has been listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, since it has been deeply rooted into Dalmatian identity. Performed at various celebrations, klapa singing is an indispensable part of lifestyle in the region.


Klapa singing | Zadar Region

For that special Friday feeling

Feštice petkom in Zadar equal a real happy hour. Whether the price of drinks is reduced or not is irrelevant. What matters is that special feel, because your story of a Friday party in Zadar is sure to be the one to remember.


Party on! On Friday, then Saturday, Sunday. And more. After all, the events calendar in the city of Zadar has a lot to offer, in addition to a buzzing nightlife.