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We are blue and orange in a black and white world. We are in the very heart of it all, just like our namesake, the Roman Forum, has been since ancient times. It has defied time, just as we defy being only a place to crash. We’ll give you a room with a view,a place to chat and free WiFi to do it online, we’ll treat you to pancakes and insider tips about Zadar. We’ll simply bring color to your stay...



The hostel’s design is actually a love story - a fusion of traditional and modern with a kiss blown to Zadar. Homage is paid to one of Zadar’s landmarks and hostel’s namesake, the Roman Forum, by including elements of Roman architecture and culture such as the ‘grandstand’ in the common area as well as the Roman numerals used to mark the rooms together with standard numbering. The colours chosen fully reflect Zadar - the ‘Zadar blue’ as the blue sky above and crystal clear sea below paired with the orange colour of the most beautiful sunset in the world. 





The challenge to redo the building for the purpose of a hostel was taken up and completed by Studio Up. The dimensions of the building are 75 m of length and only 5 m of width, so the adaptation was by no means a walk in the park. The limitations of space were overcome by a great play of architectural and design elements. The award-winning project continually attracts a lot of architects(-to-be) who come to admire it out of professional curiosity, and then decide to stay. Simply because it’s irresistible.   





Situated in Zadar’s historical core next to the remains of the ancient Roman Forum, the building itself is a valuable piece of post-WWII architecture. Designed in 1964 by renowned Croatian architect Bruno Milić, the building was initially home to hotel Forum, then it became the head office of the company Turisthotel. In 2012 the building was adapted and reconstructed, and so it became hostel Forum’s home sweet home.




Boutique Hostel Forum has 37 rooms with capacity of 99 people. First floor is full of Forum Chat rooms. It is therefore definitely a "backpackers floor", specially if we mention that on the begining and on the end of the floor there are several common areas where you can "chillax". The second floor has "classy" Forum Meta rooms and can fit 24 persons. In between those classy rooms, we've hidden one and only Forum Duo room. It is a room with two beds (bunk bed) and presents mix of dorm and private room (only by its look). The third floor, or the "special one" as we like to call it, has superior double rooms called Forum Lux. Each second room is white, each second room is black (surrounded by black mirrors). If that is not enough luxury for you, no worry, we have two mini suits called Forum Lux 2.0. Did we mention that all of our rooms have private toilet and shower? Yep, private indeed means they are inside of the room.



24h reception


Bed linen and towels

Air Conditioning

Laundry service

Iron and ironing board

Vending machine

Self catering

Bed & Breakfast

Power Adapters


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