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Visiting Zadar and staying in our hostel is a real treat. Still, sometimes we like to add that icing on the cake by treating our guests to occasional specials, some related to festivals and bank holidays, some to a particular event and others for no special reason. So, watch out for our cakes, ‘cause they are delicious.

LAST MINUTE rate on all available rooms


We created a last minute offer for you! Whether you want to sleep in a private room or in a shared dormitory, we are sure you will like discounts we provided for you!

Check out if you are lucky enough to get a special rate;



BOOK PRIVATE ROOM - last minute

If you book a private room (double bed, twin bed) you will probably sleep like a king (or a queen). Did we mention it includes a real buffet breakfast with a real chef? 



BOOK SINGLE BED - last minute

If you book a bed in a 4bed dormitory (Forum Chat) you can learn what a paradox is; sleeping with other people and yet, having a complete privacy inside your bed with your locker and with your sockets and with your blinds...