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Need a guide book for Zadar? You have it all and beyond all in our blogs. Let us guide you through Zadar and its vicinity, its famous attractions and hidden gems, customs of its people, continually updated what-to-do’s and more. Become an expert on Zadar even before you come and enjoy it so much more once you arrive here.

Holiday in Zadar - Top 10 Summer Activities 2023

Walking the cobbled streets of Zadar 


Hello, summer! Hello, sunshine! Hello, Zadar! Get ready for your adventure in the fascinating Dalmatian city and take your pick among fun activities you can do there!


1. Zadar walking tour

Get to know the story of the city by going on a walking tour! Take a morning or early evening stroll along its old cobbled streets, across quaint squares, through historical gates and past defensive walls (UNESCO World Heritage Site). A tour with an experienced guide is €15.


2. Swim at the city beach

Get some refreshment from the summer heat and dive into the Adriatic Sea at Kolovare beach! The pebbly central beach with natural shade is easily reachable on foot when heading southwards from the historical peninsula. You can also head north of the historical peninsula for some quiet time at the beaches Vitrenjak and Puntamika or the popular Borik beach, at a distance of 4 km from the centre.


3. Go museum hopping

Gain a special insight into the (hi)story of Zadar by visiting its unique museums and exhibitions! The museums are within a short walking distance from one another, aren’t overwhelming and provide a nice refreshing break from the hot summer streets. So, go back in time at the Archaeological Museum (ticket - €5) at the Roman Forum or by visiting the Gold and Silver of Zadar exhibition (ticket - €5) nearby. Or check out the Museum of Ancient Glass (ticket - €6) by the eastern town walls, and have a magical experience next door at the Museum of Illusions (ticket- €10).


4. Join the party

Party like & with the locals! Namely, a series of events are planned to happen on Fridays in the historical neighbourhood Varoš. The so-called feštice petkom (Cro. dial. parties on Friday) are a great place to experience fun the Zadar way. Summertime is also filled with a series of excellent events in the city, so check out the events calendar for the exact dates matching your holiday.


5. Go kayaking

Hop in a kayak and take a tour of the city from the sea side! Enjoy the unique view of the town walls and modern attractions while being active and soaking up the sun along the way. The tours are available for €40.


Kayaking in Zadar

Kayak tour of the city 

6. Go boating

Explore the mesmerizing scenery of the sea and the islands of the Zadar archipelago by boat! You may opt for a private excursion with a skipper or join group tours, you can sail for a couple of hours or spend the entire day at sea. The prices start at €42 and vary depending on the chosen option.


7. Fly above the city

Take a panoramic flight to appreciate Zadar from above! In addition to a pretty special view of the city, you’ll also see just how magnificent the seaside and islands of the Zadar archipelago are. The prices vary starting from €100 for the shortest flight.


8. Explore by bike

Rent a bike and go cycling in & out of the city! If you want to further explore the region, one fine option is to head to Nin, a picturesque town north of Zadar, and learn about the art of salt production at the saltworks. Bike rentals in the summer are around €20, €35 for an e-bike.


9. Hop to Ugljan

Get a ferry boat ride to Zadar’s green garden - the island of Ugljan! Then hike uphill to the ruins of St Michael’s fortress for sensational views. The ferry operates several times daily and a return ticket is €10.


Visiting Ugljan Island

Visiting Ugljan Island - the green garden of Zadar

10. Just chill

Just like the locals do. Basking in the sun on the promenade while listening to the Sea Organ. Enjoying your favourite refreshment on a unique old square, be it Roman Forum, People’s Square or Five Wells Square. Just relaxing in the perfect shade, in one of the narrow old side streets or in the Jelena Madije Park. Simply because embracing ‘fjaka’ state of mind is a part of authentic Zadar experience!


And… action!

Have your share of fun in the sun! After all, there’s something magical about Zadar’s summer. And it’s there for you to feel and enjoy it!


Yes, there are exciting activities to do in Zadar. Some of them are even for free! Also, while planning your active sightseeing, consider your options - to do it on a spur of a moment or to take organized tours?