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Need a guide book for Zadar? You have it all and beyond all in our blogs. Let us guide you through Zadar and its vicinity, its famous attractions and hidden gems, customs of its people, continually updated what-to-do’s and more. Become an expert on Zadar even before you come and enjoy it so much more once you arrive here.

The Best Route Through Croatia

Safe and sound. That’s how you want to travel, that’s how you want to arrive. From the north, east, south or west. Will the journey take an hour longer or less than usual, is entirely up to you and the kind of traveller you are. If you’re a fan of speed, want to challenge the estimated time on your selected route or simply check if the undercover motorway police unit is on duty, just don’t, cause there’s plenty of other adventure waiting for you.

Getting to Know the Islands Near Zadar

1244 is the number of islands that such a relatively small country as Croatia has. Of course, some of them are just rocks, others are mostly uninhabited islets and the remaining ones are proper islands. No wonder Croatian seaside is such paradise on earth for fans of sailing - there are countless options to explore untouched nature, sunbathe on a beach in a hidden cove, swim in the crystal clear water…

Why Zadar is European Best Destination 2016?

Oh, yeah! It’s Zadar! Not Athens, Plovdiv, Nantes, Azores, Paris, Novi Sad, Brussels, Kotor, Milan, no matter how old, vibrant, lovely, romantic, hospitable, colourful and fashionable they might be. (After all, Zadar is all that as well.) Zadar has made it to the top of European Best Destinations 2016! And rightly so. So what exactly made it stand out, apart from the fact that the majority of altogether 288.992 voters thought it’s the IT place to experience in 2016?  

Picking the Right Hostel in Zadar

You have just pinpointed Zadar as the next destination to visit? Well, congratulations on your excellent choice! Just don’t forget to book ahead accommodation in a hostel - after all, spontaneity maybe cool, but a lot of people want a piece of this cake. Also, why risk not finding a place to stay right there in the midst of it all, when just a few simple steps are enough to find a room. Here are a few hints about how to find a great one:

Top Attractions in Zadar Region for Fans of Nature

Dive in the clear blue sea. Breathe in the fragrant fresh air, relaxed in the thick shade of the pine trees. Amazing, breathtaking scenery and well-preserved nature is one of the most distinctive features of the Croatian seaside. Fans of nature truly have a field day on their holiday wherever they go, and there are quite a few really exciting sights to see. So, explore the wonders of nature in Zadar region and don’t miss the following:  

The best time to travel to Zadar

When is it best to visit Zadar? In hot summer? Or fresh autumn? Maybe cool winter? Or blooming spring? Whenever you feel like it- that’s the right answer! Beginning of the year, the city may seem as if it were drowsy, just waiting for the first piercing rays of sunshine to drive away the shiver of the cold weather, clear the sky and let the games begin. But there’s also something about the peace and calm...

A Glimpse Back at 2015 - Boutique Hostel Forum

It's been adventurous, impressive and fun. Don't miss our look back at 2015, one exciting year for Boutique Hostel Forum and our lovely city, Zadar! Take a moment! Pour some hot, fragrant winter tea or, even better, mulled wine into your favourite mug. Sit back comfortably in the cosiest chair around. And have a look at what an amazing year we’ve had at Boutique Hostel Forum.

3 Reasons to Visit Zadar in 2016

Adventure, music, tradition, culture, fun and more awaits you in Zadar in 2016. Treat yourself to a memorable holiday in the beautiful city in Dalmatia! If you’ve never been to Zadar, it is the time to go. And if you have, then you know why you should come back. 2016 is your year and here’s why.  

5 things you didn't know about Dalmatia

Find out more about Dalmatia, one of the most popular regions in Croatia famous for its beautiful nature, rich cultural-historical heritage and its people.