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3 Reasons to Visit Zadar in 2016

Need a time-out? Plan a city break to Zadar. Feel like it’s time for a holiday? Enjoy the lovely seaside in the Zadar region. Looking for adventure? Plan a tour of Dalmatia with Zadar as your first and/or final stop. Wanna have a relaxing holiday with your family, go on a romantic getaway with your honey or party non-stop with a bunch of mates and BFFs? If you’ve never been to Zadar, it is the time to go. And if you have, then you know why you should come back. 2016 is your year and here’s why.


Spring awakening

Excellent weather in Zadar during the winter months is one promise we cannot make. Will it snow? It is possible, but not very probable. Will it be rainy and windy with occasional lovely sunny day? Probably. While the February call for love might temporarily wrap our hearts with a warm, cosy feeling, there’s nothing better than to witness the awakening of the city from the gloomy winter hibernation. It’s the first rays of sunshine determined to stay that fill the city with the first spring buzz.



It’s the perfect time to spend hours and hours sitting on a terrace, admiring the view of the sea and soaking up some sun. It’s the time to take a holiday, even if it’s a mini one, and go sailing and exploring the islands of the Zadar archipelago, hiking or climbing in Paklenica national park, go rafting along Zrmanja river, or simply roam the streets of Zadar when it’s less crowded. It’s also the time to spread the wings and run for a good cause. Indeed, Zadar spring is refreshing, inspiring and simply too lovely to miss.


Summer peak(s)

Summer in Zadar - it’s adventure, music, tradition, culture, fun, beach, relaxation - it’s whatever you want it to be. Summer breaks mark the end of the school year and the beginning of the never-ending fun time. The city fills with people, both locals and visitors, who dance in unison to the music of summer carefreeness. Besides the ancient sights and modern not-to-be missed attractions such as Greetings to the Sun and Sea Organ which attract more and more visitors, the city’s calendar is full of traditional events such as the Night of the Full Moon or modern ones such as the Millennium Jump, which continually strive to do even better than the year before. So, keep an eye on the calendar and watch out for the concerts also - who knows, your favourite band might just be the next to conquer Zadar. After all, there is something about open-air performances and that clear starry summer sky.



However, don’t just stick to annual happenings, but rather look also for something new. Zadar has repeatedly proven to be quite an innovative city and so are many fun events that spring up ever once in awhile and yet again show just what an original and unique city it is. We aren’t falsely modest, so we can proudly say that our birthday bash is an excellent example of such an event to watch for.


Autumn ease

When that beautiful Zadar sunset begins to appear earlier in the day, you know time has come to slow down a bit. It’s months before the city will be lulled into sleep again, and there’s still plenty to do and see, but the never-ending summer buzz of the city slowly wanes. It’s the time to go for romantic walks along the promenade, to explore the city that is far less crowded and relaxedly visit the many places of interest in the vicinity without having to worry about the oppressive heat. It’s the perfect time for a mini holiday in Zadar, the time to take it easy and take in the final rays of sunshine by the sea.



A present, literally

Zadar is beautiful, original and exciting. Any time of year. A little wordplay birdie will tell you that Cro. za dar means ‘as a present’. So, treat yourself to Zadar in 2016. ‘Cause it truly is a gift you don’t want to miss.  


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