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Need a guide book for Zadar? You have it all and beyond all in our blogs. Let us guide you through Zadar and its vicinity, its famous attractions and hidden gems, customs of its people, continually updated what-to-do’s and more. Become an expert on Zadar even before you come and enjoy it so much more once you arrive here.

FrenjaFest 2015 in Zadar - Boutique Hostel Forum

Zadar sure does like to play ball, be it on the court or in the mud! Big or pocket-size, heavy or light, made of leather or glass/plastic, these round items make Zadar go round. As a city that apparently invented basketball, now a tribute is going to be paid to a universally liked childhood game of marbles. Not your cup of tea? Don’t judge before you see it - cause FrenjaFest is not just about playing marbles out in the open, but it’s also a place to be for some fuuuun!

Craft Beer Festival and Taste & Travel in Zadar

Beer, Bier, birra, cerveza, … It really doesn’t matter how it’s called around the world because it’s a universally liked beverage, bringing people together to relax and have fun. Still, it might just come in handy to know that in Croatian language it’s called pivo (‘pee-voh’), and even more so in Zadar in September. ‘Cause the city will host a festival dedicated to this drink and here’s what it’s all about.  

Choose a Hostel over a Hotel in Zadar

What a difference a ray of sunshine makes on a cloudy day! Or someone’s smile, a goofy face when you’re feeling down. Your favourite song since forever when you least expect it. A surprise muffin for breakfast. Or the first deep breath on holiday that has finally arrived. Sea, sand & sun. What a difference an ‘s’ makes! Sweets, sex, sunset, smile, soul… Indeed, a lot of great things come with an ‘s’. Hostel being one of them.

Skydiving in Zadar (feat. Adventure Driven Vacations)

It takes some virtue, some spirit, some guts, some balls or cojones - the more inappropriate the word for persons under the age of 12, the closer you get to what it takes. Yes, it takes some courage and a tiny bit of crazy to go skydiving. But, in Zadar it kind of makes more sense so here are a few reasons to go skydiving when on holiday.

Red Alert - Don’t Go to Zadar Now

This is NOT a story about natural disasters you’ll have to flee from on your holiday. Nor is it a warning about a high crime rate or other potential dangers. It’s not a tip about awful infrastructure, horrible roads, polluted zones or unpredictable weather changes, lack of WiFi (a that would really be a disaster, after all, there’s a flock of followers or friends just waiting to get a glimpse of your holiday!). No, it’s NOT a story about that. 

2Cellos at 2015 Terraneo Summer Break in Zadar

When did you last have goose bumps? When was the last time classical instruments took you on a music ride you never wanted to get off? What was the last concert you attended and wished it would never end? When was the last time you heard revolutionary music played by music geniuses in a magical historical setting. Never? Now is the time, then. ‘Cause 2Cellos are gonna rock Zadar!

Why Croatia is better than Spain

How to resist the charm of the Mediterranean? So many different countries to visit, so many different histories and cultures to learn about, so many stories they tell, so many delicious yet (mostly) healthy food to taste and even better drinks to down... Yes, many are things to see and do on the Mediterranean. So, strip off your clothes, put your red and white checkered sunglasses on and have a look at what makes Croatia better than ...

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing near Zadar

As the sun shyly peeks to see if the time has come to rise, and the peace and quiet of the empty beach is simply inspirational, a surfer enters the water in search of the wave, the one that will be the utmost challenge. A typical surfer image. While the waves in the Adriatic sea won’t quite reach the size of ocean waves, anyone can enjoy a bit of surfing fun even if they aren’t mad to get up at dawn when on holiday. 

Wine-ing without a Headache in Dalmatia

This is a story about wines. Croatian wines. The ones that wonderfully match the healthiest cuisine in the world - the Mediterranean. It’s a story about carelessly sipping wine from an elegant glass while you sit with every cell in your body relaxed. Naturally, the catch is not to become too hooked - cause no one wants to see photos of pissed people in the alcohol-trip-gone-bad gallery. Just kidding.