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Need a guide book for Zadar? You have it all and beyond all in our blogs. Let us guide you through Zadar and its vicinity, its famous attractions and hidden gems, customs of its people, continually updated what-to-do’s and more. Become an expert on Zadar even before you come and enjoy it so much more once you arrive here.

What to Do in Zadar Region in Autumn

Stop. Right now. Pack. Board a plane. Or hit the motorway heading south. Towards Zadar. Why? Because it’s time to take a break! Because Zadar (region) is fabulous in autumn. Because it’s the seaside. Because off season means less crowds, friendlier prices and pleasant weather. Because winter hibernation hasn’t set in and there are still fun events going on. Because you’ll want to absorb those final warm sunrays. Because even The Times thinks autumn is the perfect time for a break and Zadar is among their favourites. Because you’ll want to experience some of the following:

Zadar's Defense System is UNESCO's World Heritage Site

Hello Zadar, it’s UNESCO ! Congratulations, you have made it to our List of World Heritage Sites! Such conversation can mean only one thing - you’ll need another day in Zadar! Because you’ve already had quite a few things to tick off your Zadar list. To climb the Belltower of St Anastasia’s Cathedral for a panoramic view of the historical core? Check. To admire the muffin-shaped Church of St Donatus, Zadar’s most famous landmark? Check. To stand in the middle of the ancient Roman Forum? Check. To walk along the city’s most famous street Kalelarga and have a refreshment the way Zadrans do on one of the many fabulous squares? Check. To feel amazed while watching the sunset and the irresistible play of light made by Greetings to the Sun and listening to the Sea Organ playing a unique symphony created by the waves? Check. Well, Zadar’s defensive system has just been added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, and you’ve only covered the buffer zone with your list.

Top 5 Beaches in Zadar Area - Boutique Hostel Forum

Light breeze, sun rays caressing the skin, soothing sound of waves - is there a better way to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life than on a beach? But don’t just dream about your favourite summer S’s  - stripping down to your favourite summer outfits, sunbathing and swimming, water sports, strolling along the shore, sipping cocktails or beer in the shade of a beach bar playing your favourite song to tune you in to that summer feel. You’re just a few letters away from making it happen - a trip to Z(adar) is all it takes.

It's on! Zadar vs Šibenik vs Split

Round 150 km lie between the cities of Zadar and Split with Šibenik roughly in the middle. Each of the three cities has a long history, amazing legends to tell and exciting present to share with the visitors. So, which of the three cities is better? Is it Split as the current administrative centre of the whole region? Is it Zadar which used to have that role for centuries to which its numerous sights testify? Is it Šibenik as the oldest settlement founded by Croatians? You may have had an adventure in Zadar, seen the best views in Šibenik or partied like an animal in Split, which might influence your perception of the cities, but here are a few interesting facts:

2017 Summer Events in Zadar - Boutique Hostel Forum

Do you love the sea? Want to roam historical streets and discover modern attractions? Feel like melting with the crowds in the exciting summer buzz? There’s nothing better than to spend the summertime out in the open, discovering amazing countries such as Croatia, magnificent regions such as northern Dalmatia, fascinating cities such as Zadar and its irresistible summer vibe. Actually, there is one thing better - visiting such places when special events take place. From concerts to food festivals, take a pick from the list of summer highlights and … Zadar-ize yourself!

From A to Zadar Outdoor Festival 2017

Run & cycle. Sail & paddle. Explore & see (the sights). Dance & dine. This spring. In Zadar region. Be a part of the most exciting and adventurous introduction to a great season, come and participate in the first Zadar Outdoor Festival! From rivers to the sea, give in to the charm of Zadar and the breathtaking beauty of the sea, hills and rivers in its hinterland. So, come and actively participate or cheer on those who do, and have a great time outdoors. Here’s what’s in it (for you):

Take a (City) Break in Zadar in Spring 2017

It’s time. Time for an exciting break. Why? Because you want to and need to, not to mention that spring is here. So, pack your backpack and go! Where to? Maybe the seaside? Maybe a charming city? Maybe Zadar, because it’s a delightful city by the sea? If still in doubt, just read why Zadar’s your magical destination for a great city break:

Travelling Tips for Visitors to Zadar Region in 2017

Are you looking for some challenge and adventure this summer? Want to explore Dalmatian coast and visit extraordinary places of interest? Feel like meeting new people, having relaxed time on the beach and having a fun all-nighter under the starry summer sky? While you start thinking about all the things you might need and not really, and how many of them actually fit your backpack, here are a few useful tips for carefree travel.

Check Out The Best of Zadar in 2017

An exciting city with a great buzz. A modern city with a history and legends to tell. A city of romance and fun. A city with beaches and great sights. A city with friendly, interesting people. An absolute must-see city in Dalmatia, Croatia and Europe.Which cities is it all about? Not cities, but one city that has it all and more - Zadar. So, when in Zadar, apart from doing as the Zadrans do, check out the very best of this amazing Mediterranean city.