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Need a guide book for Zadar? You have it all and beyond all in our blogs. Let us guide you through Zadar and its vicinity, its famous attractions and hidden gems, customs of its people, continually updated what-to-do’s and more. Become an expert on Zadar even before you come and enjoy it so much more once you arrive here.

The Very Best of Spring in Zadar Region


Psssst, just letting you in on a secret… Zadar (and its region) may be great all year round, but there’s something special about spring. Not entirely convinced? Then consider this:


Oh, the sunset …

… without the summer crowds. Take a moment to listen to the Sea Organ. To snap a pic of the colourful evening sky and the light show by the Greetings to the Sun (Sun Salutation). All that without having to edit photo bombers out, simply because there are far less people in Zadar than during the peak season.


Friendly sun

More daylight, more sunshine, more fun outside! Take a walking tour of Zadar any time of day along Kalelarga (Cro. Široka ulica), past the historical gates and along the town walls (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Soak in the sun over a cup of coffee on an outdoor terrace near the Roman Forum or at People’s Square (Cro. Narodni trg), without having to frantically apply the sunscreen. The weather is mild and pleasant, the temperature moderate. In a word - (just) perfect!


The Very Best of Spring in Zadar Region


Aaaaand… action!

On land and at sea. It’s an excellent moment to explore the blooming city and the region. It doesn’t get greener and more colourful than that. Hop in a kayak and take a tour around the historical peninsula of Zadar. Get on a bike and cycle to Nin or make it a half-day trip on the Ugljan island, famous for its lush Mediterranean vegetation and olive groves.


Go rafting or kayaking along the exciting Zrmanja river. If you are a fan of more challenging hikes and rock climbing, Paklenica National Park is a great place to be in spring.


Where to start? Just ask our friendly staff at the reception desk for useful tips and info. After all, they happen to be the experts on Zadar and the region, and don’t mind to share.


Wonders of nature at their best

Make Zadar your starting point to beauties of nature within the (wider) region! Spring is the right time to visit, not only because it’s less crowded and the tickets are cheaper, but also because the landscape gets lovelier with each passing day.


Apart from Paklenica National Park in all its green glory, the Krka river (national park) also has a special appeal. The water level is higher, which makes the waterfalls and cascades all the more impressive. Also, you can embark on your sailing adventure around the Kornati islands with a stop at Telašćica Nature Park (Dugi Otok island) without having to worry about the scorching summer sun.


The Very Best of Spring in Zadar Region

Zadar Region

Buzz of the city

Watch the city awakening from the winter sleep! The streets are not as full as during the summer, but there’s a positive vibe that comes with increasingly warmer sunrays and clearer skies. Also, the buzzing Zadar market is full of fresh produce, spring fruit and veggies grown in the region.


Well, hello spring…

Well, hello Zadar! It’s the perfect combo for a getaway. A weekend might do, 5 days or longer even better, for you to appreciate the city of Zadar and the region in the fun colours of spring!


Zadar here I come! Getting ready for a weekend getaway in the city? Boutique Hostel Forum is open to welcome you to a safe stay … with fabulous views of the very heart of the historical peninsula! And then you step outside to explore the sights up close and, in many cases, free of charge!