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Need a guide book for Zadar? You have it all and beyond all in our blogs. Let us guide you through Zadar and its vicinity, its famous attractions and hidden gems, customs of its people, continually updated what-to-do’s and more. Become an expert on Zadar even before you come and enjoy it so much more once you arrive here.

Boutique Hostel Forum’s Birthday Bash

The b(ig) day is here, just round the corner. Boutique Hostel Forum celebrates its second birthday with its third major celebration. Naturally, the third celebration deserves a three-day party and that’s exactly the kind of treat Forum has in store for anyone in Zadar in the following few days. Witness a quite original birthday bash in the very heart of Zadar and here are some hints for what lies ahead.

Millenium Jump Splash in Zadar 2014

Sea, sand and sun. It’s the best kind of holiday. Water fun in its every form is an inevitable part of the experience as well. It’s perfect for the oh-so-needed refreshment during the summer heat, but it’s also great for the possible six-pack you’ll get by the end of the summer because of all the laugh you’ll get by splashing water. It doesn’t really matter if you go for the conventional pencil dive, wow the people on the beach with a swan dive or a forward flip, splash everyone around you by dropping a cannon ball or gain some sympathy for your belly flop (Ouch!). It’s all about fun and games, literally.

Blow the Candles with Forum - Boutique Hostel Forum

We are young but experienced. We are innovative but value tradition. We are romantic but not cheesy. We are curious and have no problem with sharing, but we respect privacy. We are modern but surrounded by history. In Zadar we are centric, but we are open to people from the north and south, east and west, because we are truly international. We welcome travelers and give them a place to stay with a homey feel (and they never want to leave). We are outspoken, friendly and welcoming. We are boutique hostel Forum!

Zadar Rocks With Deep Purple And Gibonni

Yes, it really does. Zadar is one of the coolest places on the Adriatic coast with its history, culture, proximity to national parks and a very busy events calendar. And soon Zadar will also rock ‘n’ roll. A true musical treat lies in store for both international and national fans - Zadar, namely, welcomes Deep Purple and Gibonni at the Jazine parking area on Tuesday, July 15 2014. And there you have it - the perfect reason to...

Zadar Islands - Where Time Has Stopped

Embrace the silence. Embrace the peace and quiet. Embrace the pristine nature around you. It truly is Mediterranean as it once was. If you’ve had enough of continuous search for the free WiFi signal, social-network presence bordering on obsession, recharging your mobile phone battery and you feel you need a little adventure of the unknown, simply because everything else is at hand, then go island hopping in...

Feel the Beat at Garden Festival in Tisno near Zadar

Garden - a place to sit in the shade with a drink in one hand, listening to the birds and bees with a slight breeze caressing the skin. Already created the mental image? Now, that’s life, isn’t it? Now add some exciting music and non-stop entertainment, beach and the sea into the equation, and you’re almost there. Where, you might ask. It’s quite simple - the Garden Festival in Tisno, Croatia.

Getting Ready for a Festival in Croatia

Psssst! Can’t you hear the beat? It’s still distant, but it’s coming nearer and nearer. Oh, yeah, the festival season is almost here and Croatia has become one of the best festival spots Europe- wide. Wanna get Lost (Theory) in Lika? Or delight InMusic in Zagreb? Care to find the perfect holiday Hideout on the Pag island? Or just enjoy excellent music in the Garden in Tisno? You simply can’t go wrong with a festival in Croatia. So, get ready for excellent music, loads of action and people! Skim the checklist below and you’re good to go.

June’s Musts in Zadar - Boutique Hostel Forum

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Summer! Oh yeah, summer is just around the corner, the weather is heating up and so are many exciting activities waiting in store. Just look at June events’ calendar- it’s going to be loud, edgy, daring, adventurous, passionate, in a nutshell - full of life!     

Greeting the Sun with the Sound of Sea Organ

The sun is gently touching the horizon with an amazing dance of colours. As the sun slowly sets, Zadar waves it ‘good night’. At the same time the light installation, Greeting to the Sun, comes to life and lights up the sky with an impressive spectrum of colours. With the sound of the Sea Organ in the background, Zadar’s waterfront is home to a unique performance every single day and evening …