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4 Reasons to Go Sailing in Zadar

Love summer? Love the sea? Love Croatia, and particularly Zadar? Then there must be a little sailor inside of you just dying to come out, shout ‘ahoy’ and sail away into the sunset. With Zadar having so much to offer, you might not even consider sailing when planning the trip, even if it would be just for one day. Here are a few reasons why you should go sailing anyway while in Zadar:

Natural beauty

Ok, you can always take one of those panoramic flights and enjoy the breathtaking view of the islands around Zadar. It’s safe to assume that most people don’t often have the chance to travel to such beautiful places, so why not use the opportunity to not only see but also experience the natural wonders. The hidden coves, uninhabited islets reachable only by boat, untouched beaches that just wait to be discovered, the crystal blue sea - these are one of the best features of the Adriatic sea. Suffice it to say, that at the end of the day you might even experience one the most memorable sights as the sun sinks below the horizon into the sea.

Stress relief

Taking mind of, well, everything and everyone, and moving away from day to day petty grievances and serious issues is the prize of holiday in general. And it gets even better while on board. It involves genuinely disconnecting, entering the zone of little or no mobile phone network coverage, no worrying about what to wear, swimwear being all you need. The only worry you get to have is how you’ll prepare your fresh seafood and to put enough sunscreen cause you want to get suntanned (and that you will) rather than sunburnt. And as the slight breeze refreshes your body while you sunbathe and the waves rock the boat as a hammock, your inner sailor will be appeased.  

Fellowship of the ship

You can go sailing with your chums, but if you don’t know everyone on the boat, by the time you finish your sailing trip, you’ll have a crew. Basically, you’ll either foster friendships or make new friends by sharing a life experience. People on a boat give each other a hand in times of need and share the good times. And everything just comes easier, probably because people are more relaxed and easy-going. 

Fun, fun, fun

Sailing with a motto ‘wherever the boat may take me’ means adventure. It doesn’t really matter if the adrenaline kicks come from dolphin sightings, jumping overboard into water to have a swim, doing various water sports or going diving and snorkelling. It’s about exploring the unknown, doing something out of the ordinary and, above all, having fun. Always.

Anchors aweigh...

If you’re not a boat person and easily get seasick, don’t consider sailing. However, if you’re open to this idea, keep it in mind while planning a holiday in Zadar. It’s great fun while enjoying the stunning nature, meeting new people and thoroughly relaxing. Don’t be afraid to unleash the sailor inside you, and, get underway!

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