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Skydiving in Zadar (feat. Adventure Driven Vacations)

It takes some virtue, some spirit, some guts, some balls or cojones - the more inappropriate the word for persons under the age of 12, the closer you get to what it takes. Yes, it takes some courage and a tiny bit of crazy to go skydiving. But, in Zadar it kind of makes more sense so here are a few reasons to go skydiving when on holiday.

Put a tick in it

Yes, tick those boxes. Kill two birds with one stone. You may have already got a tattoo or piercing, gone to your favourite summer festival, swum with dolphins, but by skydiving you’ll get ‘visit Zadar’ and ‘try skydiving’ off your bucket list with one simple step.

Live (in) the moment

Nothing can put all petty everyday things aside as a bit of good adventure, potential (even if not so probable) danger. Nothing can free you from accumulated stress as a fulfilling feeling of freedom, up there in the sky. So, seize that moment.

Sky is the limit

Give your self-confidence some nudge - once you experience skydiving, you’ll feel the world at your feet. And it will literally be there. There’s nothing you cannot conquer once you challenge your own boundaries and overcome them. It’s the ultimate ‘I’m the king (or queen) of the world’ boost.

Perfect selfie opportunity

OK, you won’t be the first person to take such a photo and definitely not the last one, but you might just be the first among your friends. Will your face look funny? Probably. Will there be some snot hanging from your nose? Possibly. But who cares? It might not be the most representative photo of you, but it’s by far the most original one, and the one you won’t be likely to get a chance to take over and over again.

Have faith

You’ve never done skydiving before? Don’t worry, because you can always try tandem skydiving. It will mean trusting a stranger with your life, but that’s part of the charm. There are no better people to share this amazing holiday experience with than Adventure Driven Vacations' team. They are serious, yet outgoing and friendly - they will take you by the hand and make sure you have the best experience ever.

The one and only

Some buy postcards, some buy travel guides, while others take it as a task to take photos of every single step they make on holiday. However, aerial view of Zadar region is something you can only see in images already taken, unless you hop on a plane and take a panoramic flight or - go skydiving. And it’s not at all about taking photos, but rather about taking in the one view that will fill your whole being with all sorts of emotions, from excitement to inspiration - a true one and only feeling paired with amazement at Mother Nature’s creation. The sea, the numerous islands, the shapes, the colours… it doesn’t get any better than that. Yes, it takes some balls to go skydiving, but it pays off. Big time. Marvelous time. The time and adventure of a lifetime.