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Rock Climbing on Molat Island near Zadar

Love Zadar in spring and summer time? Interested in exploring the nearby islands when it’s pleasantly warm? Looking for a bit of adrenaline? Are you an experienced rock-climber or curious to try it out? Yes? In that case, don’t forget to put Molat island on your list of wanna-visit destinations.


Why Molat island?

Sweet as honey, as its name suggests (from Latin mellitus -’honeylike’), Molat island is situated northwest of Zadar. It’s the fifth largest inhabited island of the Zadar archipelago with round 200 dwellers. From Zadar it can be easily reached by a 50-minute catamaran ride or a bit longer ferry ride. Just another island, you might think. But Molat has a couple of truly sweet surprises for adventure seekers: from kayak trips exploring the island(s), adrenaline fishing trips, dolphin sighting trips, cycling along the island to rock climbing.


Why rock climbing?

People who have never tried rock climbing might think you have to have rocks in your head to take up such a pastime. However, it’s important to remember that while climbing can be practiced indoors, the real deal always happens in nature. Therefore, spending time in nature is practically a must. Needless to say, the views are always spectacular. Reconnecting with nature certainly is one of the benefits of rock climbing, but your body and mind will also have to work together. It’s the ultimate exercise in how to clear your mind from everyday petty grievances and just focus on here and now, that is, on how to master the rock in front of and above you. Engaging your body completely also means that you’ll become as fit as it gets, because once you master your first rock, you’ll want more. After all, it’s pure adrenaline combined with the feeling of accomplishment - what an excellent combo that is!


Experienced climbers are probably familiar with Paklenica National Park, the most popular site for climbers in Zadar region and Croatia in general. Due to its about 400 routes of different difficulty levels, Paklenica is an excellent choice for rock climbing fans and those who like refreshing air and scenery of the mountains. Molat island represents a somewhat different challenge and a change of scenery. It is also an excellent starting point for beginners since there are round 10 routes of several levels of difficulty, up to 8 m high. With all the other adrenaline-filled activities available Molat island definitely is an excellent choice for nature and adventure fans.



Still thinking about it?

Don’t. Just opt for Molat island as your starting point for exploring the Zadar archipelago. If you don’t dare to try out rock climbing, you can always just watch and take active part in other pastimes of your preference. If you’re willing to give it a try, just focus and, most importantly, enjoy your first climb. Because you must definitely will. So, assemble your gear and head to Molat, all ye rock jocks!