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Summer Break 2015 in Zadar - Boutique Hostel Forum

School year's over. Time to put books on the shelf, store essays in 'bygones' folder on the computer, say 'see you in the fall ' to fellow students who got on your nerves and 'see you in a sec' to your bros (and sis')-in-arms... It' s time to forget about failures and successes of time (and exams) just passed. It's time for a break. No really, it's high time for a summer break.


Why summer break...

Do you really have to ask why? Really? Apart from the fact that you probably feel fed up with gloomy weather that accompanied most of your recent studies and exams, and you’re just dying to strip off your clothes and welcome some sun rays, at last? Simply because now you finally can. Summer break also means that crowds of people with similar reasons to travel are going to flock popular places to join in the endless party. Optimistic people, relaxed people, outgoing people, people looking for careless fun - now, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that kind of a party?


Where to…

Two words are enough - head south! Easy as that. Because it’s the road to the seaside, where sunny weather is practically guaranteed. As are the never-ending parties that are going to be held all along the Adriatic coast. Some of them are called spring breaks, others summer breaks, but they essentially attract people of similar interests. Still, one of them truly gives you the opportunity to take part repeatedly in the summer break, virtually all summer long. Starting now. It’s the Terraneo Summer Break.


What to expect… at Terraneo

If you’ve heard of Terraneo before, then you must have already been to the famous festival held in Šibenik, or you are dying to come and see it. Well, this year it’s expanding and joining forces with Šibenik’s neighbour, the city of Zadar, to create a unique festival of excellent music and vibe. On six occasions, from mid June till mid August 2015, famous international and national artists are going to perform on historical locations in the two cities.

On the opening night, June 16 at Five Wells Square (Trg pet bunara), Terraneo is going to move Zadar, just as its motto suggests. Beginning in the afternoon hours, performers such as Amy LaVere and Will Sexton, Irena Žilić, Fikcio Monger are going to keep the audience moving all night long. While Five Wells Square is an impressive place by itself, La Luz Visuals from Hungary are going to make it even more ‘wow’.


If you happen to miss the opening, you might still get the Terraneo vibe in the following two months and see performances by, among many others, Nicola Conte in Zadar or Lambchop in Šibenik, at St Michael’s Fortress, another amazing historical location. Terraneo closing is going to be held at Zadar’s Forum with the performance by 2Cellos. But first things first.


Take a deep breath…

Cause summer’s just around the corner. And the first summer break even closer. Student or not, just hop on the summer break party bus and join the party! Just remember, wherever it takes you, whatever happens, stays there. Psssst...