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Our New Year’s Story – Hostel Forum

It’s that time of year when people are a tad more tolerant, positive, generous, when a certain air of togetherness is all around. It’s the holiday season, for some time to ponder and analyze one’s actions be it for religious reasons or other, for some time of reckless but carefree spending and continual merry making.

Closing the chapter

And so Miss Last Year seated us at the table, offered us an abundant meal and a story for dessert. It was her story, the story of 2014 in Boutique Hostel Forum. She reminded us how from the very beginnings we decided to praise, reward and, if nothing else, give a heart-felt welcome to our guests, each and every one from all corners of the world. Literally, because 90 is the number of countries our guests came from in 2014. She went on to talk about the entire month, as opposed to only one day, we dedicated to the celebration of love and the joy we felt with the first rays of sunshine that came to stay. She made us feel proud again of each award or praise we received for striving to be different and original and of the fine day we ran for a good cause. She reminded us of the little things that make us feel better - fresh coffee in the morning, surprise pancakes (and all other surprises for that matter), great music, views, oh the views from our windows... We relived the fun of our unforgettable birthday bash and yet again expressed love for our city, the sea and the best sunset in the world. She made us feel again the happiness we feel every time a guest falls in love with Zadar too and the pride to have been a part of the process. How did Miss Last Year’s story end? Wonderful, just as the whole story was. But with the 12th toll Miss Last Year was gone. In a flash of a second. And then...


Turning over a new leaf

And then… Miss New Year walked in spraying us all with champagne and bedazzled us with fireworks. She brought energy, hope, excitement and determination of the new beginning. She made us decide to be equally friendly, open, welcoming, sympathetic and also original, even wacky, and to continue cherishing the little things. And so we took the pen and began writing her story, the story of 2015. It’s going to be a great one and we’ll have a blast! We’ll make sure we do.


It’s time …


As the holiday season slowly comes to its end, the time has come to leave the holiday daze behind and face the challenges of everyday life. You just have to do two things: first, start thinking about the next city break or even summer holiday, with Zadar as the obvious choice; secondly, keep always in mind the story you’re writing and make every single line a truly magnificent one. And - happy New Year!