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Need a guide book for Zadar? You have it all and beyond all in our blogs. Let us guide you through Zadar and its vicinity, its famous attractions and hidden gems, customs of its people, continually updated what-to-do’s and more. Become an expert on Zadar even before you come and enjoy it so much more once you arrive here.

Top Events to Experience in Zadar in 2023


Ready for some special fun in Zadar in 2023? After all, the city may be old, but it has a modern atmosphere, further charged with a set of great events awaiting you in the summer and off-season. So, check out some of the highlights, and take your pick:

Zadar Street Food Festival(s)

Add a distinctive flavour to your spring… and/or autumn. Dig in juicy burgers, fish & meat special dishes, then mix them with a cocktail or regional wine. The spring edition of Zadar Street Festival takes place from April 28-May 7, while the autumn edition is planned for September 22-October 1, both at Puntamika neighbourhood in Zadar.

Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival

See the way Japanese & Croatian culture merge in spring in Zadar! The festival takes place on April 18-22 on Petar Zoranić Square and promises delightful delicacies as well as special workshops, lectures, presentations and more.

Wings for Life 2023

Join in the unique race held worldwide at the same time! A particular favourite among fans of running, the race welcomes everyone to support research for spinal cord injuries. This year the global race celebrates its 10th anniversary, so get ready for a special time in Zadar in spring, May 7 2023.

Wings for Life - Zadar

Wings for Life

Sunset Sports Media Festival

Curious about new trends in sports and the media industry? Then Zadar is your place to be on June 1-3! Namely, the city provides the perfect setting (oh, the sunset!) for a special project which gathers renowned national and international athletes, sports & media professionals.

Sporty fun

The Zadar locals like to say they ‘invented’ basketball, but the city loves sports in general. Throughout the entire year there are a number of events that are a great fun to take part in and watch. So, let your legs do the work under the starry sky during the Zadar Night Run (April 15). Follow the excitement of players chasing the ball on a basketball court during the Zadar Summer League (June 23- August 8).


Cheer on the wrestlers as they show their strength at the Roman Forum (July 1, Zadar Open). Grab a waterpolo (souvenir) cap and have a great laugh with locals as you watch amateur waterpolo players try to shoot the ball into the net during Vak’’an’’za (July 17 - August 18).  If you happen to be in Zadar in late September, use the opportunity to watch cyclists whiz past you during CRO Race 2023. 

Vaicanto Festival

We will rock you … at the Roman Forum (July 26-August 11)! Paying tribute to the legacy of the Queen, the festival invites you to enjoy their timeless songs out in the open. 

Millennium Jump

Jump for joy in the summer! If you are in Zadar on July 29, don’t miss the chance to join in a mass dive off the promenade into the sea. Namely, a couple of thousand participants come together for a fun event and a good cause.


Millennium Jump - Zadar

Author: Filip Brala | Source: Zadar Tourist Board 

Zadar Sunset Festival 2023

It’s party time, with the famous Zadar sunset as the perfect backdrop! With excellent DJ and expected visitors from more than 40 countries, the festival taking place from August 1-6 promises a fabulous time. The key venue is right by the modern attractions, the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun, but good times continue across the city and on party boats as well.

Full Moon Festival 2023

The place to eat, the place to drink, the place to be … in Zadar, August 10-12. With the promenade lit by the light of the full moon, torches and candles, you get to enjoy amazing traditional food and witness various customs of the region, all in one place.

Zadar Craft Beer Festival

Love a taste of cool beer in the summer? Then head to the promenade in Zadar, from August 31 to September 9. Apart from showcasing craft beer made by smaller-scale breweries, the event also offers a taste of local gastronomy as well as outdoor concerts.

Zadar Outdoor Festival

Actively enjoy Zadar at the festival held on September 23-24! Hop on a ferry for a short ride to Ugljan island and take part in exciting activities featuring running, sports climbing, SUP and kayak races, a fitness challenge, or in various workshops.


Zadar Outdoor Festival

Zadar Outdoor Festival 

Zadar awaits

Come for the sunset. Come for the heritage. Come for the great vibe the city has. Especially during special events in 2023!

And while in the city, do as the people in Zadar do! And if you happen to be there for just a short while, you can still make the most of it in a limited time span.