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Need a guide book for Zadar? You have it all and beyond all in our blogs. Let us guide you through Zadar and its vicinity, its famous attractions and hidden gems, customs of its people, continually updated what-to-do’s and more. Become an expert on Zadar even before you come and enjoy it so much more once you arrive here.

Walk This Way - Zadar Walking Tour

Walk, because it’s the best way to explore Zadar and really feel its pulse. Walk, because it’s a great form of exercise to keep you fit on holiday. Walk, because it’s the cheapest form of sightseeing and why not use the money for some refreshment instead? So, how to avoid running around in circles and not appearing as a total tourist by checking out a map all the time? Here are a few steps to take and stops to make in Zadar’s historical core, once you get all settled in Boutique Hostel Forum and come out all ready to go:

1. Turn right and go up

In other words, climb the Belltower of St Anastasia’s Cathedral to get the upper view of Zadar. Built in the 15th century and then with top floors added in the 19th century, it’s the most popular viewpoint in Zadar. Enjoy the view of the remains of ancient Forum, the main square for Romans two millennia ago, and Zadar’s most famous landmark, St Donatus Church, built in the 9th century which represents the most famous Croatian monument from the Early Middle Ages. Once you leave the Belltower, go round the back to visit the largest Dalmatian church -  St Anastasia’s Cathedral to feel  the refreshing coolness and peacefulness or go opposite to the Archaeological Museum to find out more about just how old Zadar in fact is. Or don’t do either, but simply continue with your stroll. 

2. Be there or be square

Walk southwards along Kalelarga, officially known as Široka ulica, which is said to be older than the city itself, and continue until you reach People’s Square (Narodni trg). It’s impossible to miss it and it’s an excellent place to stop, have something to drink, observe Zadar’s daily buzz and enjoy the view of the old City Loggia and the clocktower. Then, continue southwards and turn right until you reach the 16th century Five Wells Square and the Captain’s Tower which both testify to Zadar’s turbulent history.  Have a snack in the almost 200-year-old Jelena Madijevka Park nearby surrounded by greenery or pass through the famous 16th century Land Gate which used to serve as the entrance into the fortified peninsula.

3. Follow the promenade

After seeing the Land Gate and the scenic Foša port, go back and then turn left towards the University of Zadar and the waterfront. Once you reach the promenade, use the opportunity for a great photo next to the statue of scientist Špiro Brusina or just continue along the promenade. As the perfect icing on the cake, you’ll reach Zadar’s modern attractions - the Sea Organ and the Greetings to the Sun. Just remember, the best time of day to see them is at sunset, when you’ll treat your sight and hearing to a unique experience of man-made art and nature’s work.

Know your stops

Before setting off, remember to read a few lines about the places you’re about to see or simply take one of the organized walking tours with a guide who’ll do all the work for you, apart from the actual walking. Also, why not take a detour to check out anything that attracts your attention. Simply because Zadar is worth it. Worth your time, worth the walk.

While you’re walking that way, surely you’ll want to snap a few pics. Here are a few fun spots to say cheeeeese. Don’t forget that sunset is the best time to see the Greetings to the Sun and listen to the Sea Organ. And you’ll understand why it’s the best sunset in the world.