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Here’s How You Taste & Travel in Zadar

Salt and pepper. Knife and fork. Bread and butter. Fish and chips. Ham and eggs. Milk and cookies. There are quite a few things that often come together and make the world sweet (or sour, if you prefer it so). Taste and Travel is another great pair and it refers to (1) the ability to include all your senses when exploring new countries and to (2) an event to be discovered and greatly enjoyed by all visitors to Zadar. Here’s what it’s all about.


One delicious week 

Starting from August 25 to August 31, visitors in Zadar will be able to enjoy a week of delicacies at the event Taste & Travel, which has become a great way to round up the summer. During the week, three separate events will take place: Fair of Traditional Croatian Village Products (August 25-31), Festival of Innovation in the Food Industry (August 26-27) and Craft Beer Festival (August 26-27). So, you can expect both great food and exciting beverages, but the whole purpose of the event goes far beyond just eating and drinking well.

Innovation and tradition

The 18th century Arsenal is the venue where Festival of Innovation in the Food Industry takes place, which means that the visitors can appreciate a wonderful historical monument and see what the future holds for food-related industry. The young inventors will present their ideas, such as apps for smartphones, but the visitors will also get to try new delicacies. So, why not use the opportunity and surprise your taste buds with some experimenting?


At the same time, craft breweries will present their amazing and funtastic products at the Craft Beer Festival along the promenade on the historical peninsula. In recent years, Croatia has seen a rise in the production of craft beers. Unlike with mainstream beers, you cannot but feel the love invested in the production of craft beers, starting from the exquisite taste to imaginative names and labels. So, pick carefully as there’ll be more than thirty craft beers to choose from and it’s safe to assume you can’t have them all at once. And if it so happens that you’re not a particular fan of beer, you can always try some good-old rakija or Pelinkovac (a bitter herbal liqueur). But the fun won’t stop with authentic Croatian drinks, as there will be a concert each day of the event: Kawasaki 3P (August 26) and M.O.R.T and Mjuzikl (August 27).

Last, but definitely not least, the visitors will be able to discover the wide range of products made by farmers and craftspeople from the Croatian countryside at the Fair of Traditional Croatian Village Products, to be held by the Roman Forum and Archaeological Museum in Zadar. Similar fairs are held throughout Croatia, but the one in Zadar is among the oldest and the largest. The visitors get the chance to discover and experience authentic products which vary from meat products, cheese, fruit and vegetable products, olive oil, honey, home-made wines and liqueurs, handcrafted souvenirs and more. These products reflect the essence of Croatian culture and tradition as well as different regional lifestyles.  


Taste and feel Croatia

See the sights, look at the traditional products and souvenirs. Smell the scent of lavender, pine trees and the sea in the air. Listen to great music. Touch and taste the very best of Croatia. Let all your senses experience it. That’s what travelling is all about. That’s what you’ll find at Taste & Travel in Zadar.


To get just a vague idea about (and some inspiration possibly) Croatian craft beers, read about what it was like last year at Craft Beer Festival or about other popular drinks in Dalmatia