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Why is Zadar’s Sunset the Best in the World?

The view of the sun slowly setting in the horizon as the soothing colours paint a unique image in the sky - it’s such an awe-inspiring, romantic moment to witness. Even if you don’t have that special person by your side, a beautiful sunset can give you a feeling of warmth and feel you with inspiration. You’re not into sunsets and think they’re just cheesy and for girls? Well, that might just be because you haven’t seen the most amazing sunset in the world. In Zadar. What makes it so special? Here are a few why’s, but bear in mind that some things in life are just indescribable - you simply have to experience them firsthand:

Never the same

As everywhere else in the world, sunsets in Zadar are always unique and can never be repeated. Why does that happen so? Of course, science will tell you all about the sunlight beams, molecules in the air, the colour spectrum visible to the human eye, but it cannot explain that feeling of awwww it provokes. Because at the time when the bright blue of the daytime is slowly replaced by the equally bright shades of orange and red, everything seems to come to a standstill. Again, we say ‘orange’, but the word doesn’t even come near to cover the essence of the colours you see. Zadar is also a city where clouds don’t often hide the setting sun, but every now and then scattered clouds add a breathtaking touch to sunset.  Irresistible.

See, greet and listen

Zadar also has a unique way of saying nightie night to the sun. Every single evening. Namely, the best place to witness the famous Zadar sunset is by the sea, as you walk along the promenade and then stop where the sunset receives a special greeting - a modern light installation, Greetings to the Sun, appears to share a dance full of light with the setting sun, accompanied by the unique sound of the Sea Organ. It’s a place where even a complete anti-sunset person will stop and have a moment. (And a fag, or a beer). Because the sunset by the sea is simply too seductive to resist.

Because Alfred said so…

More than fifty years have passed since Alfred came to Zadar and was blown away by the city. And it was precisely Alfred who said that Zadar is the city with the most beautiful sunset in the world. Alfred who, you might ask? Why, Alfred Hitchcock, the famous English director.

Words aren’t enough

People say that the best things in life come for free. It’s the refreshment you feel when you have a cold beer on a hot day. It’s the smile of a stranger in a foreign country. It’s the laughs you have with your besties and buddies. It’s the never-ending sleep and the amazing view you get when you travel. It’s music, light breeze, and sunset by the beach. Particularly the one-of-a-kind sunset in Zadar. And no, not only because Alfred said so.

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Image source: HTZ,; author Ivo Biočina