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Wings for Life World Run Adriatika 2015 in Zadar

Once again it’s going to be one lovely day in Zadar. Once again the city is going to open its heart. Once again it’s going to be a part of a unique world event. Once again it’s going to welcome with open arms visitors (- participants) in a race for a good cause. Wings for Life World Run Adriatika is going to take place in Zadar on May 3 2015. Once again.

See the light (even at night)

Prefer spring? No problem. Autumn is more your kind of a season? Again, no problem. Like the peace and quiet of a night? Or prefer daylight? Either of the two goes. Participants can join in the race according to their preferences because it starts at the exactly same time on more than 30 locations all over the world. The race in Zadar begins at 13:00 (local time), i.e it’s one of the day races.

Along the coast

Just as the race takes place at different times of day worldwide, so is the scenery very different from location to location - from picturesque countryside, (historical) cities, fields, forests, mountains, by the river and the sea. The race in Zadar has been categorized as ‘seaview’, since the participants are going to start at the Forum by one of Zadar’s landmarks, St Donatus’ Church, then run through Kopnena vrata (Land Gate), pass Perivoj kraljice Jelene Madijevke (Queen Jelena Madije Park) and then run along the coast towards Primošten, i.e. until the point where the last runner is overtaken by the Catcher Car. That’s precisely what makes the race so unique - the finish line is just provisional, since the Catcher Car sets off half an hour after the official start and it gradually increases its speed from 15 km/h in the first hour to 35 km/h after two hours, when approximately it’s expected to come closer and then finally reach the fastest runners. The last runner is the winner, and once (s)he’s overtaken, the race finishes.

Standing out

Round 2.500 participants registered for the Wings for Life race in Zadar in 2014, which meant that it was among top five out of 34 locations when it comes to the number of participants. This year the city has outdone itself, because the race is sold out already, even though it is days away. Namely, the limit of 3500 participants who register has already been reached. Mostly Croatian is going to be spoken at the starting line, but there are also citizens of Great Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Brazil, Australia, Hungary, Sweden, Slovenia and other countries who have chosen precisely Zadar as the place where they want to make their contribution to a good cause.

Be inspired

If you happen to be among those ones who are too late to register for a race in Zadar, but would still like to see it live in Zadar, come to our hostel, enjoy the view of the starting line and join in the festivities later on. After all, it’s all about charity and raising funds for a spinal cord research foundation. So, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in a global charity event. Just come to Zadar and be inspired. Cause it’s going to be one fine day. Once again.