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4 is the number! Boutique Hostel Forum’s Birthday Bash 2016

Take a deep, deep, deep, deep breath and … exhale, ‘cause in no time we’ll be blowing out candles on our birthday cake. Four, to be precise. We might seem young and greenish, but we’ve seen the world by now. And we age oh so well, like the best wine there is. We know how to be quiet and loud, curious and reserved, wacky and serious, black and white (or Zadar’s orange and blue) or any other colours of the rainbow, we know how to be precisely what our guests need us to be. And in the last four years we’ve gathered a few naj’s (pronounced as ‘nice’ and referring to what we excel in) facts, so let’s just take a moment and brag about it a bit:


Cream of the crop. We know we’re fabulous (and we plan to remain so), but it’s nice to get a validation from an objective observer. After all, we didn’t get the best Croatian hostel award or made it to the top 5 haute European hostels list for nothing.


Solid as a rock. We love the ups and downs of rollercoaster rides, bungee jumping and parachuting, but we’re consistent (and excellent) in the services we deliver. Just check with Tripadvisor, if you don’t take our word for it.


Globetrotting with you. We tell you about the lovely city of Zadar we live in, and in return you take us on a journey to your country from anywhere in the world. 126 countries we’ve already learnt about. And we’re already looking forward to the 127th.


With open arms. Always. We don’t care if you’re from France, Great Britain, Germany (as almost half of our guests have been so far) or elsewhere. We don’t care if you’re a toddler or an 82-year-old backpacker (our most elderly guest). We don’t care if you’re just a normal person or famous (inter)nationally. We only care about you, about making your stay in Zadar not only pleasant, but also memorable.


Party animal. (Without embarrassing features). We like to party and we happen to have the recipe for the best parties in Zadar. E-ver! So far, we’ve had T.B.F. and M.O.R.T., The Bambi Molesters and The Godmother and loads of light show and street art, and our only plan is to keep up the fun and to surpass expectations, because our birthday bash is not only about us and our guests, it’s about Zadar as well.


Expect the unexpected

This year (drumroll, please!) … the one and only Let 3. They’re edgy, innovative, controversial, unconventional, and amazing performers, even if they happen to offend someone. But this time, they won’t. ‘Cause they promised. In fact, performing by the ancient Roman Forum has made them decide to give their most decent performance yet. So, be there on July 28 and see for yourself if Let 3 knows how to behave and if we truly know how to throw the best birthday bash ever. (We do. Period.)


To get at least some idea about how we like to party, read about our previous birthday parties and how to blow the candles with us!