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New Year’s Eve 2015 in Zadar - Boutique Hostel Forum

The story of the year 2014 is slowly wrapping up. Has it been a sad or happy, dull or exciting one, it’s up to every individual to judge for him/herself. What’s for sure is that it deserves the right kind of closure, just as the coming year should start with a spectacular beginning, if for nothing else, than at least for the promise that it’s going to be a good one. And isn’t New Year’s Eve the best excuse to pack up bags, go on a trip and spend a few wild or just relaxing days, ie just as we wish and need? Here are a few hints at how Zadar’s 2014 story might end:

Go mainstream

There really isn’t a city in Croatia which hasn’t prepared some kind of a New Year’s party to welcome the arrival of the New Year. They more or less follow a similar pattern of attracting the-more-the merrier amount of people to central squares where they will party the night away regardless of the weather conditions. Is it going to be cold and windy? Who cares? There’s plenty of champagne, rakija, mulled wine and what not to keep the blood rushing and the party rolling. Zadar does practically the same - the historical centre becomes one mejor stage with music coming from various corners, from Narodni trg (People’s Square) across Kalelarga to the Forum. The performances this year include several Croatian bands and artists such as Ivana Radovniković, Postolar Tripper, Zd Express, Black Coffee and Martina Thomas. And mingling with the crowds certianly is a way of becoming a part of a general Zadar 2014 story.

Or a bit off

Now, if you want to live a rather different, a bit wackier story and preferably indoors, you can join a performance party that is slowly becoming a part of Zadar’s tradition. Each year the theme changes and this year everyone will be a guest at a wedding which will at certain point go terribly, terribly wrong. It’s a performance, so presents aren’t required, but there is a dress code - festive attire and, most importantly, a bow tie for men and a brooch for women. Just remember that presence at the ‘disastrous wedding’ is all about relaxed fun, a bit of allowing yourself to be silly and to finish this year in a totally original way.

5,4,3,2,1 … Fireworks!!!!

As simple as that, and 2014 receives its closure. It’s another year gone by, we can count our blessings, feel hopeful that it might get better, but one thing’s certain, we can make sure we join the party of the year. So, why not travel to Zadar, cruise the parties and give year 2014 the closure it deserves and 2015 a hearty welcome! Cheers!

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