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Zadar, ein echtes Geschenk des Meeres, eine strahlende Stadt mit einer stürmischen Vergangenheit und einem unverwüstlichen Optimismus. Ein Ort vollkommener Harmonie zwischen der wunderschönen Natur und einer reichhaltigen Kultur.

Brief Ride Through Zadar's History

In Europe, in a pretzel-shaped country of Croatia, in northern Dalmatia proudly stands Zadar, a city that has been battered throughout the centuries of its existence. Like a phoenix, the city dusted itself off following every downfall and changed into an even more splendid place. No wonder there are four patron saints to protect the city: St Anastasia, St Chrysogonus, St Simeon and St. Zoilo.

Architecture in Zadar … with a Twist

Sea, sand and sun - that may be the combo that invites you to come to the Croatian seaside. Zadar is certainly one of the most attractive tourist spots with ever-growing number of visitors each year. Apart from the 3-S mix, great number of events and happenings attract visitors curious to experience the exciting ambience particularly during the peak season. Yes, Zadar truly is a city with plenty of must-dos, especially during summer, but it also has many interesting, both historical and modern, must-sees that are there the whole year round. When you decide to visit Zadar, you might be looking just for fun, adventure, well basically partay! However, as you do that, you will be passing by historical monuments. Give those buildings a moment of your time - they are a testimony to Zadar’s turbulent past. 

Perfect Adventure in Zadar - Boutique Hostel Forum

Summer? Check. Holiday in Zadar? Check. Beach, sunbathing and swimming? Check. Party all night long? Check. A trip to national parks and sightseeing? Check. Trying out traditional cuisine and delicacies as well as local wine and spirits? Check. What more could a person wish for? Well,  there’s one thing you could do to round off a perfect holiday. Kick it up a notch with a rush of adrenaline! 

Fun Facts about Zadar - Boutique Hostel Forum

People say that it’s the little things that count. It’s all those little things that make us fall in love with someone or something, be it a person or a place we visit (and never want to leave). And that’s precisely what modern travellers want - to not just go wherever the travel guide might take them, but rather to get the real feel and understanding of the place they visit. Sadly, the little things sometimes don’t even...

How to Spot a Zadran - Boutique Hostel Forum

Hm, sounds like a rather straightforward task, but is it really? After all, people who live in a place are first and foremost a group of individuals who differ greatly among themselves. Yet, they generally do seem to share certain patterns. We may call these stereotypes and even prejudices, but no harm or insult is intended in the following portrayal of the people of Zadar - how, when and where to spot them (in Zadar and elsewhere).

Legends And Stories About Zadar

Legendary - one of the words you want to hear yourself saying a lot when on holiday and afterwards when bragging about the awesome holiday you had. Zadar is one of those cities that has it all for a modern traveller. Reading about legends and stories about the city might help you understand even more how and why it’s such a remarkable place. Here is a selection of historical curiosities, legends and beliefs.